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Porches Top Facts

A porch (from Old French porche, from Latin porticus ‘colonnade,’ from porta ‘passage’) is external to the walls of the main building proper, but may be enclosed by screen, latticework, broad windows, or other light frame walls extending from the main structure. There are various styles of porches, all of which depend on the architectural tradition of its location. All porches will allow for sufficient space for a person to comfortably pause before entering or after exiting the building.
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Vestibule (architecture)
A vestibule is a lobby, entrance hall, or passage between the entrance and the interior of a building. The same term can apply to structures in modern or ancient roman architecture. In modern architecture vestibule typically refers to a small room or hall between an entrance and the interior of the building or house. In Roman architecture, vestibule referred to a partially enclosed area between the interior of the house and the street.
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Sleeping porch
A sleeping porch is a deck or balcony that is screened and furnished for sleeping in the warmer months. Sleeping porches can be on ground level or on a higher storey and in either the front or back of a home. The idea of a sleeping porch dates back nearly a hundred years when people would sleep on a screened-in porch to get the coolness of the night air during summer without being bothered by bugs.
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2003 Chicago balcony collapse
On June 29, 2003, the deadliest porch collapse in United States history occurred in Chicago. An overloaded balcony collapsed during a party in an apartment building, killing thirteen people and seriously injuring fifty-seven others. The ensuing investigation was highly critical of the way the balcony was built, finding a large number of errors in its construction which ultimately resulted in the collapse.
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Porches Pottery (Olaria Algarve)
Porches Pottery is a producer of hand-painted pottery in the town of Porches, in the Algarve region of Portugal. The pottery was founded in 1968 by artists Patrick Swift and Lima de Freitas, in order to revive a traditional Algarve pottery industry that was rapidly dying out in favour of more modern techniques. Swift and de Freitas chose Porches for its history as a pottery centre, dating back for many centuries, and for its clay pits.
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Porches (Lagoa)
Porches is a civil parish/freguesia in the municipality/concelho of Lagoa (Algarve) in Portugal, about 10 km east of the city of Lagoa. It is 15.57 km² in area, with 1,901 inhabitants (2001); its population density is 122.1 persons/km². It was elevated to the status of a town on July 12, 2001.
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Praia da Senhora da Rocha (Porches)
Praia da Senhora da Rocha or Praia [da da] Nossa Senhora da Rocha (Beach of Lady of the Rock) is a small fishing community and beach on the Atlantic coast of the civil parish/freguesia of Porches in the municipality/concelho of Lagoa (Algarve) in Portugal. The beach is one of the most rustic ones along the coast and was used as a refuge for small fishing boats in the area.
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Fort of Nossa Senhora da Rocha (Porches)
The Fort of Nossa Senhora da Rocha (also known as the Fort of Our Lady of the Rock or Castle of Porches) is a medieval castle is situated in the civil parish of Porches, in the municipality of Lagoa in Portuguese Algarve. Inside the fort is the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Rocha, of uncertain date.
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Igreja Matriz (Porches)
The Igreja Matriz (Porches), (Principal Church of Porches) is situated in the freguesia of Porches, in the concelho of Lagoa (Algarve) in Portugal. Founded in the 16th century, today the church has few vestiages of its early roots. Only the chancel of the original church, ruined by the 1755 Earthquake remains, incorporated into the present church, and even this was changed during the remodeling of 1882.
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Praia Nova (Porches)
Praia Nova (New Beach) is a small beach near Praia da Senhora da Rocha on the Atlantic coast of the civil parish/freguesia of Porches in the municipality/concelho of Lagoa (Algarve) in Portugal. Map coordinates: 38°05′45″N 8°23′10″W / 38.09583°N 8.38611°W / 38.09583; -8.38611 The beach is flanked by cliffs. At the east end is a promentory on which is the old Fort and Shrine of Nossa Senhora da Rocha.
Praia Nova (Porches)Lagoa (Algarve)Beaches of Algarve

The Porches
The Porches is a historic site in Ormond Beach, Florida, United States. It is located at 176 South Beach Street. On October 6, 1988, it was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.
The PorchesVernacular architecture in FloridaHouses on the National Register of Historic Places in Volusia County, Florida